Barrington Curly Stallions

1996  True Black,
 14.3 Hands
American Bashkir Curly Horse Stallion

We love Chuck's laid back curly horse personality. His charming  presence and beautiful movement demands attention and we're always happy to give it!

BNC King x Ebony's Lassie

Available for Stud at Barrington Stables...
  KC Prince Charles
 aka "Chuck"

We are Proud to Introduce our American Curly Horse Stallion, KC Prince Charles, aka "Chuck". We acquired him from Cozy Nook Curlys in Colville, WA and he has sired many nice foals with good dispostions, color, and conformation. Chuck is available on the East Coast for Stud and across the country with AI shipments available.
2014 Stud Fee:$500 AI Collection/Lab Fee: $150
Shipment Available via FedEx in Equitainer
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Check out a few of Chuck's foals and adult offspring!

      About Warrior Lynx

Another Curly Horse that our family has owned in the past is another well known Curly Horse Stallion, Warrior Lynx, (aka-"Trouble").
He accompanied Gawani PonyBoy to expos and seminars and was also featured in one of PonyBoy's Training manuals, released in Germany. During the photoshoot for that book, PonyBoy assumed that he was working with a mare, and put the horse through many different groundwork and riding exercises. It wasn't until later that he realized that he had pulled a young colt from a small range herd of "mares" he was told he could choose from. Soon after, Trouble joined our herd and started his new career. Riana Barrington took over Trouble's training and breeding for a time and fell in love with his laid back personality and versatility. He was used for childrens lessons, camp, and occasionally shown locally and at horse expos. He is the uncle of our young stallion, Remi, and he shares the same sire, Seekers Warrior, with Remi's mother. His Dam was an AQHA Mare with legendary foundation sires throughout her lineage . In Fall 2008, Trouble was sold to Louise Parker of Trevor Hall Farm in Wales. We miss him very much, but also happy to have one of his blood relatives to continue our journey with these incredible curly horses.

Gawani Pony Boy, daughter, Riana Barrington, and Warrior Lynx

We're looking forward to showing Chuck this year and sharing the American Curly Horse with the public. If you have the chance to meet and touch one of these rare and incredible horses, then don't miss it!
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Meet the Horse That Started It All For Us...